KnowBe4 Fresh Content Update & New Features Summary Jan 2018

A lot of new modules have been added to the KnowBe4 ModStore:

  • We refreshed 26 Language versions for our 15 min KMSAT course. (Available now).
  • 20 language versions for Ransomware will be available this week.
  • 2018 KMSAT 25 min will be available this week
  • For the rest of February, we will release refreshed versions of:
    • 2018 KnowBe4 Security Awareness
    • 2018 Your Role, Internet Security and You
    • 2018 Social Engineering Red Flags
    • 2018 Danger Zone
    • 2018 Common Threats
    • 2018 Social Engineering Micro-module
    • 20 Language versions of 2018 Mobile Device Security and 2018 CEO Fraud


  • A video for your end users was released--it explains how to get started with their KnowBe4 training. You can include a link to this video with your training notifications if you'd like to, to help explain the training process. 
  • Phish Alert Button CSV download is now available on the KnowBe4 console Dashboard and shows the number of simulated vs. non-simulated emails reported.
  • New Facebook, Office 365, and Netflix Landing Pages were added to System Landing Pages.
  • Enhancements were made to all tabs that display email templates. This includes:
  • AwareGO was added as a publisher in the ModStore and is available with Diamond-level subscriptions.
  • The "2018 Creating Strong Passwords" module is now available in 20 additional languages (Gold/Platinum/Diamond subscriptions).
  • A new version of was PAB released (1.1.16). See Phish Alert Release Notes for details.

 Want to keep track of what features are added in real-time? Keep checking the KnowBe4 Change Log Page! 

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