KnowBe4 Fresh Content Update & New Features August 2018

Check out the new feature updates and training content in the KnowBe4 platform for August!


There are two new exciting features in Beta...You can turn them on now!

  1. The Advanced Reporting feature simplifies and expands your ability to create reports about your security awareness training plan progress. Check out the 60+ reports waiting for you right now, showing things about your users you have never seen before.
  2. The Virtual Risk Officer (VRO) feature calculates a risk score for users, groups, and your organization as a whole, helping you detect and strengthen the weakest points in your human firewall.

You can turn this on now. To learn how to enable this beta for your account, access the below links:

Advanced Reporting Guide

Virtual Risk Officer (VRO) and Risk Score Guide

Send an email to Support at if you have comments or questions regarding the beta.

New Phishing Templates
New phishing templates and standard landing pages have been added in the following languages:

  • Malay
  • Thai
  • Vietnamese

New Tutorial Videos
Three new tutorial videos are available that outline best practices on how to use KnowBe4's:

  • Automated SecurityAwareness Program (ASAP)
  • Social Engineering Indicators (SEI) 
  • Policy feature

All videos can be found on the tutorial videos page:

As a reminder, you can also see a list of all monthly updates by visiting the KnowBe4 Support Knowledgebase Change Log here:

In August, we added two new content publishers to the ModStore. Warm welcome to Canada Privacy Training and Twist & Shout!

So how much security awareness training content do you have access to with a Diamond subscription? 


As of August 28, 2018, KnowBe4 has:

  • 694 pieces of education and training content
  • 169 Interactive Training Modules across 29 languages 
  • 152 Video Modules across 20 languages
  • Over 2,500 phishing templates across 38 languages

One new training module
 was added to the Privileged User Security Series:

  • Secure Windows Administration

This course covers the important aspects of Microsoft Windows that will help IT staff do a better job in managing the privileges they've been granted and help them avoid mistakes that could endanger your enterprise.

Two KnowBe4 posters were added and are available across all Training Levels.

The Security Awareness Company (SAC)
SecurityAwarenessNewsThe August SAC Newsletter focuses on the human elements of cybersecurity, from both an end-user and cybercriminal perspective, and explains what end-users are up against daily, and also gives a face to a complex topic that many think is highly technical. 





Popcorn Training 

Popcorn Training added two new micro-modules. 

  • Compliance Series: Acceptable Use Policy
  • Secure Coding 2018: Episode 1 - Very Early and Often


Disinformation-exploqiiexploqii added one new video module: Disinformation Hints, exaggerations, lies: Disinformation has many faces.

With targeted false reports political or economic interests should be enforced. The consequences are immense and range from loss of reputation to wrong business decisions. Therefore, it is important to be vigilant in order to avert attacks in a timely manner and minimize damage to the company.




NEW PUBLISHER! Twist & Shout
KnowBe4 has partnered with Twist & Shout, makers of entertaining films for businesses, on their Restricted Intelligence show. The videos cover a wide range of social engineering tactics employed by cyber criminals, including six modules now available to KnowBe4 customers as part of its diamond-level package. 


Read more on the blog: 

NEW PUBLISHER! Canada Privacy Training
This new 30-minute course from Canadian Privacy Training is now available in the ModStore. The course is available in English and French-Canada and available to Diamond customers.


This course provides information about Canadian privacy requirements, and will help you understand:

  • Why privacy is important for your organization
  • How to identify and protect personal information
  • The primary legal requirements when collecting, using and disclosing personal information
  • How to prevent and respond to privacy breaches

To see the full list of new content added this month, sign up for the Modstore Training Preview here: 

Lastly, check out this PDF that shows you all the training content by subscription level, nicely summarized on one page, so you can determine which level works best for you. 

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PS: At this point, related to content, you can think of us as the "Netflix" of awareness training.   :-D

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