KnowBe4 Fresh Content Update & New Features May 2018

May was an exciting month with a variety of updates. Check out what's new!


We are excited to add a new content publisher to the KnowBe4 family. Last month, we acquired international content provider exploqii. exploqii provides a multi-lingual library of pre-produced 2-minute educational videos in the categories of cybersecurity, security, data privacy and compliance. 

44 exploqii videos are now live in the ModStore.  Each of these is available in English and German. Even better, these videos are actually "video modules" in the video category of the ModStore. The video modules play in our LMS and there are now downloadable versions of the video module available in MP4 format as well. The training is available for Diamond Level customers.

  • Anti-Trust 1 - Basic Regulations & Risks
  • Basic Rules of Secure Communication
  • Bluetooth & WiFi
  • Business Partner Compliance
  • CEO Fraud - Fake president
  • Clean Desk Policy
  • Cloud Services
  • Code of Conduct
  • Compliance Checklist
  • Compliance Management System
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Corruption
  • Crisis Management
  • Data Protection
  • Export Control
  • Gifts & Hospitality
  • Identity Theft
  • Industrial Espionage
  • Information Classification
  • Information Security @ Mobile Devices
  • Information Security @ Remote Workplaces
  • Information Security @ Social Media
  • Insider Threat
  • Internal Investigations
  • IT Security in the Workplace
  • Know-how Security
  • Money Laundering
  • Payment Fraud
  • Phishing Attacks on companies
  • Phone Scam
  • Price Rigging
  • Proxy Servers & Data Privacy
  • Ransomware Micro-module
  • Secure Passwords
  • Security-orientated Personnel Selection
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Social Engineering Micro-module
  • Social Media Guidelines
  • Threat Management
  • Travel Security
  • USB Attacks
  • Visitor Management
  • Whistleblower



We have expanded beyond security awareness to address HR concerns with the addition of ThinkHR training modules. The content is centered around HR compliance issues such as FERPA, harassment training, physical security, and managerial training with most modules running between thirty and sixty minutes each. The training is available for Diamond Level customers. The new modules include:

  • A Manager's Guide to Diversity, Inclusion and Accommodation
  • Active Shooter
  • Bullying and Hazing on Campus
  • Bullying and Violence in the Workplace
  • Campus Security Obligations Under Federal Law
  • FERPA for Higher Education
  • Optimizing Your Work/Life Balance: Maintaining Your Life Balance
  • Optimizing Your Work/Life Balance: Taking Control of Your Stress
  • Pandemic Flu Awareness
  • Preventing Harassment in the Global Workplace - Employee Edition
  • Preventing Harassment in the Global Workplace - Manager Edition
  • Promoting a Substance-Free Workplace
  • Rightful Employment Termination
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention for Employees
  • Title IX for Higher Education
  • Wage and Hour Awareness for Managers
  • Workplace Harassment Prevention for Employees (Title VII)



KnowBe4 Training

  • New Module:  Common Threats, Part 2 - Kyle's Story
  • Updated module: PCI Simplified

Popcorn Training 
Popcorn Training added 24 posters that provide educational reinforcement to your employees when used in conjunction with their training module series. The new posters for three of the series include:

Cyber Heroes Series
  • Cloudy with a Chance of Phish
  • Dicey Devicey
  • Don't Take the Bait
  • Freaky Leaky
  • Internet Threats
  • Mobile Mayhem
  • Pass the Password
  • Social Media Fever

Security Moments Series
  • Hacking Emotions
  • Privileged User Access Management
  • Ransomware
  • Social Engineering 101
  • Spot the Bad Attachment
  • Spot the Bad Link
  • The Big Phish

Something Phishy Series
  • Breaking the Barrier
  • Cloudy With A Chance of Phish
  • Dicey Devicey
  • Freaky Leaky
  • Mobile Mayhem
  • Pass The Password
  • Phishious Malicious
  • Social Media Fever
  • Something Phishy


KnowBe4 now supports delegated permissions as part of the Security Roles feature. Security Roles allows you to limit roles to only display specific data or allow for the phishing, training, and user management of specific groups. Each Security Role is completely customizable to allow for the creation of the exact roles and responsibilities for Target Groups in your organization.

Security Roles are available to all customers at Platinum and Diamond subscription levels. You can go to the Users tab and then the Security Roles tab to check it out. Learn more about Security Roles and the new delegated permissions feature here:

The Training Modules Overview page has been updated to reflect all new or refreshed content in the ModStore. This will always be the most current list of content outside of going directly into the ModStore. You should visit this page now and then: 

Last, this PDF shows you all the training content by subscription level, nicely summarized on one page, so you can determine which level works best for you. Ask for your upgrade-special quote:

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PS: At this point, when you have the Diamond level, you can think of KnowBe4 as the "Netflix" of awareness training. :-D

Warm regards,

Stu Sjouwerman

Founder and CEO, KnowBe4, Inc.

Stu Sjouwerman


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