KnowBe4 Fresh Awareness Training Content Update

March was a busy month adding both new and refreshed training content! Because of our acquisition of Popcorn Training in early March we added 38 new videos. Check out the new content updates for March:


New Fresh Content for March 2018

We published the following new and refreshed content in March:
  • KnowBe4 Mobile Device Security - Training module updated to include 20 languages
  • Security Awareness Company (SAC)
    • The March 2018 SAC Newsletter
    • 11 new SAC Posters that include:
      • Insider Threat Obvious
      • Don't Wear Name Tags
      • HIPAA Penalties
      • Windows L Lock Screen
      • Decorate Your Devices
      • Laptop Security
      • Laptop Stolen Information
      • Leaks Make Us Weak (Password)
      • Leaks Make Us Weak (Click)
      • Leaks Make Us Weak (Call)
      • NIST Poster
    • 7 Security One Sheets
      • 7 Tips for Travelers
      • Field Guide to Phishing Emails
      • You Need a PW Manager
      • Click with Care
      • Simple Steps to Online Safety
      • Securing Mobile Devices
      • Spam vs, Phishing
    • 4 SAC Videos:
      • What are APTs
      • Data Loss and Insiders
      • Protecting Data
      • Executives Mitigating Insider Threats
  • Popcorn Training - 38 Videos
    • Something Phishy Series Videos & Quiz (Animated)
      • Something Phishy Introduction
      • Mobile Mayhem (mobile threats)
      • Pass the Password (passwords, social engineering)
      • Break the Barrier (physical, clean desk)
      • Phisheous Malicious (Internet use)
      • Dicey Devicey (BYOD Security)
      • Freaky Leaky (DLP)
      • Cloudy with a chance of Phish (Cloud Apps)
      • Social Media Fever (Social Network Security)
    • Cyber Heroes Series Videos & Quiz (Live Action)
      • Cyber Heroes Introduction
      • Don't take the bait (spear-phishing, social engineering, vishing)
      • Mobile Mayhem (mobile threats)
      • Pass the Password (pass word, social engineering)
      • Phisheous Malicious (Internet use)
      • Dicey Devicey (BYOD Security)
      • Freaky Leaky (DLP)
      • Cloudy with a chance of Phish (Cloud Apps)
      • Social Media (Social Network Security)
    • Security Moment Short Clip Videos & Quiz (Motion Graphic)
      • The Big Phish 1
      • Ransomware
      • Social engineering 101
      • Spot the fake attachment
      • Spot the fake link
      • Privileged user access management (PAM)
    • Secure Coding 6 Module Course for Developers Video & Quiz
      (Animated & Motion Graphic)
      • Web Application Security Basics and Intro
      • Injection attacks and how to avoid them
      • Secure Session Management
      • Authentication and Authorisation
      • Secure Transactions & Secure Deployments
      • Data security
    • Compliance Series (Animated)
      • PCI DSS for Merchants
      • PCI DSS for Corporate Office
      • PCI DSS for Retail Stores
      • SupaPOPI (RSA)
      • Consumer Protection Act (RSA)
      • Treating Customer Fairly (RSA)
      • Conflict of interest policy
      • Business Continuity / Business Resilience

This is all part of the Diamond level subscription. To see the most current list of training content, please visit the ModStore or check out our website at:

Warm regards,
Stu Sjouwerman
Founder and CEO, KnowBe4, Inc.



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