KnowBe4 Customer: "I’m not happy at all. More like ecstatic."

Perry_Carpenter_Cartoon.pngIn our series "What customers say about us" here is another email with feedback that I got when I asked if they were a happy camper. We will let the customer speak for himself:

"I’m thankful I ran into Perry Carpenter at the June Gartner Summit. Otherwise, I would not have engaged with Knowbe4.

"Within weeks of becoming customers, we ran a baseline phishing test, put in place core training, and plans for 2018. The system has proven easy to use and has capabilities we wanted, but could never find elsewhere. We abandoned SANS as their system was too hard to use, and lacked features.

"The level of innovation in your platform is remarkable, and so is the level of value. Your product team seems to understand what a security team wants and needs. That kind of focus is rare in my experience, and I hope it continues!

"If there is an area I would suggest an improvement, it is the templates for communicating to stakeholders and employees. I’m picky about the language used in stakeholder emails and always target them to be at a 6th-grade reading level when possible. I've attached two example files from my Hemingway editor that highlight this concern. Complex language and structure can be an obstacle for people with whom we are trying to communicate.

Thank you for reaching out to me, as I appreciate your taking the time to get customer feedback.


E. F. -  Vice President - Information Security

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