Your KnowBe4 Fresh Content Updates from February 2024

Check out the 29 new pieces of training content added in February, alongside the always fresh content update highlights, events and new features.


NEW FEATURE! Individual Leaderboards

Phishing attempts are getting more sophisticated by the day, and it's our responsibility to ensure they don't find success in our inboxes! We're committed to empowering you with innovative tools that turn defense against these threats into an engaging and rewarding experience for your users. We're excited to announce the launch of individual Leaderboards, a new gamification feature to help increase security awareness training engagement!

With individual Leaderboards, users compete with their colleagues on how well they report suspicious emails using the KnowBe4 Phish Alert Button (PAB). Some benefits to your organization are:

  • Increased Awareness: Elevates cybersecurity awareness across your workforce and fosters a culture of alertness and shared responsibility
  • Real-time Feedback: Allows users to watch their contributions make an impact as they climb the leaderboard with each reported email 
  • Rewards and Recognition: Recognizes your users for their critical role in protecting your organization with incentives that applaud their diligence in the top spots on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis 

Learn more on how you can take advantage of gamification features when implementing your security awareness training program within your organization!

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KnowBe4 – AI, Phishing and Cybersafety 

This Mobile-First Module gives a high-level overview of how cybercriminals can use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to power cyberattacks and how users can take steps to prevent becoming a victim. Your users will learn how phishing is being reshaped and upgraded with AI and how to spot the signs of these new and improved tactics. Users will also learn some best practices for staying safe and secure while using AI programs. 

Three new pieces of training content added this month. AI, Phishing and Cybersafety is available at the Gold, Platinum and Diamond subscription levels.

The Security Awareness Company – Hack Attack: Social Engineering Game

This game places end users in the shoes of a cybercriminal and offers a different perspective than traditional security awareness training content. To win the game, players will need to figure out how to "hack" people using a variety of social engineering techniques in nine different scenarios. Each scenario comes equipped with an important security lesson to remind your users why they need to be aware of these common attacks.

Fourteen new pieces of training content added this month. Training content from The Security Awareness Company, including Hack Attack: Social Engineering Game is available at the Diamond subscription level. 

Popcorn Training – Share If You Dare Game 

When posting on social media, people tend to overshare, spread misinformation or post content that may contradict their organizational or social media policy. Learn how to be discerning when it comes to posting things online that could potentially get you in trouble with your organization in a game of "Share If You Dare". 

Eight new pieces of training content added this month. Training content from Popcorn Training, including Share If You Dare Game is available at the Diamond subscription level. 

exploqii – A Request from the Top? CEO Fraud

This training module offers users an introduction to the topic of CEO fraud, also known as boss fraud or fake president schemes, using a real-life example. It also explains the most important warning signs and shows how users can protect themselves and their organization against this widespread form of fraud.

Three new pieces of training content added this month. Training content from exploqii, including A Request from the Top? CEO Fraud, is available at the Diamond subscription level.


In addition to fresh new training content, you want content localized to the language needs of your organization and users. That's why in addition to constantly updated and new content, KnowBe4 releases fresh new translations regularly to the ModStore.

In the month of February, 376 new translations were added for the following training content categories:

  • Newsletters/Security Documents/Posters: 85
  • Games/Assessments/Training Modules: 199
  • Video Modules: 92


February 2024 Content Update



The world's largest library of security awareness training content is now just a click away!

In your fight against phishing and social engineering you can now deploy the best-in-class simulated phishing platform combined with the world's largest library of security awareness training content; including 1000+ interactive modules, videos, games, posters and newsletters.

You can now get access to our new ModStore Preview Portal to see our full library of security awareness content; you can browse, search by title, category, language or content topics.

ModStore01-1The ModStore Preview includes:

  • Interactive training modules
  • Videos
  • Trivia Games
  • Posters and Artwork
  • Newsletters and more!

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