KnowBe4 Adds New Language Localization Options to its Security Awareness Training and Simulated Phishing Platform

We are excited to announce the availability of KnowBe4’s new localization options for the Admin Console and Learner Experience. You can now set your default language for three localization settings: Phishing, Training, and Admin Console Language. With multi-language support for the Admin Console and new end-user  localization options for your phishing and training campaigns, you can:

  • Enable your Admins in other geographic regions to manage the KnowBe4 console in one of three languages.
  • Ensure that Admin specific notifications from your KnowBe4 console such as bulk change results or import notifications are delivered in their selected language.
  • Use the new set-up and administration options to deliver effective localized phishing and training campaigns.
  • Accommodate multiple languages in one training campaign that saves you time by eliminating the need to create custom campaigns for different language user groups.

Multi-Language Support for the KnowBe4 Admin Console
You now have the ability to set your Admin Console Language in one of three languages: English (United States), Japanese, or Portuguese (Brazil). If you have multiple Admins in different geographic locations, your Admins can select one of the three languages based on their language preference.


End-User Language Options for Phishing, Training, and User Notifications
Use KnowBe4’s new preferred language options to offer a more holistic learning journey for your users. Because localization improves your users’ experience, you can choose from over 34 languages based on your organization’s localization needs. Using these new language options will help you deliver localized training and phishing campaigns that include localized training content, phishing security tests, and user email notifications. 

End User Language Options KnowBe4

A Localized Learning Journey for Your Users
From the moment your users receive their first simulated phishing security test, training welcome email, upon login to the learner interface, to taking their assigned training content, and staying informed of their progress; your users receive a personalized training and learning experience in their local language. 

With the new training language localization options, you can create each of your training campaigns from the start to accommodate all of your users’ preferred languages. This eliminates the need to create multiple custom training campaigns to support different language groups for your users. This new feature helps to ensure your users get their training and system email notifications in their preferred language when you use the notification system templates in your KnowBe4 console. There are over 200 localized notification templates available in 34+ languages. These new localization options are available to KnowBe4 customers across all subscription levels.

Learn more on how you can take advantage of localization when implementing
security awareness training program within your organization! 
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