Kevin David Mitnick  (Aug 6, 1963 - July 16, 2023)

Hacking_015_IAmRebelThe only constant is change. That is true for physics, for organizations, and for us humans. People join and leave teams, and of course also join and leave life. But it's always a shock when someone falls away too early. 

As some of you knew, Kevin had been battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer for over a year now. So, this doesn’t come as a complete surprise, but we kept this mostly confidential at his request. 

Kevin was never one to shy away from major problems, and he treated his cancer diagnosis the same. He fought like hell, approached it like “Hacking Cancer” and survived much longer than initially expected. It was that same fighting spirit and extreme persistence that really defined the man that Kevin was from the beginning.

He became a dear friend of mine (and to many here) and was instrumental to the growth of KnowBe4.

He was referred to as “the world’s most famous hacker”, but he was REALLY the most famous “social engineer” of our time. Kevin inspired KnowBe4’s training curriculum from the moment he agreed to be our “Chief Hacking Officer” and was critical in elevating KnowBe4’s brand awareness in the industry. His extensive experience with social engineering is forever woven into KnowBe4's DNA. 

Rest in peace, Kev, we will always love and miss you.


Here is his obituary.

Article in Associated Press.

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