July Fresh Content Updates from KnowBe4: Including New Recommended Training Suggestions in the ModStore

Here are a few important fresh content and feature updates to share with you for the month of July.

NEW! Recommended Training Suggestions
The KnowBe4 ModStore training library now leverages machine learning to offer informed training suggestions based on the simulated phishing test results of your users. Personalized to your overall organization's Phish-prone percentage, training modules are presented in the KnowBe4 ModStore training library. You can select recommendations and add them to your training campaigns, helping reduce your users’ click rates over time.

Suggested training will appear on your ModStore homepage after the Foundational training section under Phish-Prone Recommendations. Training content will focus on best practices for your users to spot, analyze and report suspicious emails with the goal of improving every user’s Phish-prone percentage.PhishProneTrainingRecommendations

This new feature is available across all subscription levels

NEW! Learner Dashboard and Performance Metrics
The KnowBe4 Learner Experience (LX) now includes a new Learner Dashboard. When your users login to take their security awareness training, they will land on the new “Dashboard” homepage. 

The dashboard is a comprehensive display of a learner’s training activities and simulated phishing test results. You can also choose to enable phishing, risk, and gamification options for the tiles you want to include. As part of the KnowBe4 LX interface, language localization options extend to the Learner Dashboard and are available in 25+ languages. 

security awareness training New-Learner-DashboardThis new feature is available across all subscription levels. 

Learn more on how you can take advantage of these cool features when implementing your security awareness training program within your organization!

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Three new pieces of KnowBe4 training content were added this month and include:

2020 Security Culture Survey 
KnowBe4 2020Security_Culture_SurveyAvailable through the KnowBe4 ModStore, the 2020 Security Culture Survey (SCS) measures the sentiments of your users towards security in your organization – the psychological and social aspects that drive social behavior.

This new and improved version includes revised questions based on the analysis of data collected from over 150,000 assessments conducted with the original version first released on the KnowBe4 platform.

New language options provide the ability for you to localize the survey for your organization and include English (US), English (GB), Dutch, and Norwegian. The SCS leverages the CLTRe Security Culture Framework and research-driven measurement platform acquired by KnowBe4 late last year. 

Face Masks at Work: 8 Essential Tips
This five-minute training module is brandable to your organization, and helps you prepare your team for their return to the office after working from home due to Covid-19. The accompanying security document allows you to reinforce your message regarding the importance and proper use of face masks throughout your organization. 
Face Masks_8 tipsAll KnowBe4 content highlighted this month is available across all subscription levels.

The Security Awareness Company (SAC)
SAC added eight new pieces of training content to the ModStore this month and include:

August 2020 Security Awareness Newsletter
In the August edition, we take a look at applying security awareness in your personal life.
You push security awareness as a default responsibility required of every member within your organization. The key to a more security-aware world is education and building a culture prioritizing awareness 24/7. In the August newsletter, we review a few fundamentals of security awareness and how your employees can apply them personally.

SAC Newsletter_August2020

Security Awareness EssentialsSAC Essentials_August2020
Gain the ability to protect not just your organization, but your household as well. Go on a
comprehensive journey through the world of information security. Each step introduces a variety of concepts to prevent you and your organization from becoming victims of cybercrime.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to identify potential threats and the assets that require protection. You will understand the importance of incident reporting and response and you will learn strategies to reduce vulnerabilities and keep information safe. 

All training content from The Security Awareness Company is available at the Diamond subscription level.

El Pescador
Six new micro modules were released from El Pescador in July, including four new modules in the "First Steps" series. 


For those starting out in the world of information security, this series explores:

  • Leadership and the importance of leaders and managers in maintaining a security culture. 
  • Multiple Factor Authentication setup.
  • Phishing, recognizing and identifying an attack. 
  • Incident Response and its critical role to your organization's health.

A "First Steps" poster has also been made available to support campaign efforts in your organization.

Remote Work: Best PracticesRemoteWork_ElPescador_Aug2020
Ensure the security of your organization's data while carrying out activities outside the traditional office. If your organization recently started doing remote work or you want to remind your team of the best practices for remote working, this module is for you! This is the first in a series of remote work micro modules. 

Unsubscribe_ElPescador_Aug2020Unsubscribe Message Scam
You receive thousands of messages every day and a few dozen of them are malicious messages (phishing attacks) disguised as everyday services. This module helps you identify and avoid potentially malicious unsubscribe links hidden in fake offers or newsletters.

All El Pescador content is available at the Diamond subscription level.

Ready to see how you can build a mature security awareness training program using great, fresh content from the KnowBe4 library?

As of July 30, 2020 KnowBe4 has: 

  • 1,142 Pieces of Education and Training Content
  • 273 Interactive Training Modules
  • 380 Video Modules
  • 243 Posters and Artwork
  • 223 Newsletters and Security Docs
  • 23 Games
  • Over 5,000 Phishing Templates
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ModStore01-1The ModStore Preview includes:

  • Interactive training modules
  • Compliance modules
  • Videos
  • Trivia Games
  • Posters and Artwork
  • Newsletters and more!

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