It's May 25th, 2018: GDPR DAY! Here Are Phishing Templates You Can Use...


Because it is "GDPR day" our templates team has been hard at work developing GDPR/Privacy policy templates. We have 6 new templates available in the system, located in Current Events.

We are also adding a 7th for Uber, which is listed below--it should be available within a couple hours.

  • Airbnb: (GDPR) New Privacy Policy - Act now (Link)
  • Shutterstock: (GDPR) Update to our Privacy Policy (Link)
  • LinkedIn: (GDPR) Updates to our Terms of Service (Link)
  • Google: (GDPR) Improvements to our Privacy Policy and Privacy Controls (Link)
  • Venmo: (GDPR) Notice of Policy Updates (Link)
  • Roku: (GDPR) We have updated our privacy policy (Link)
  • Uber: (GDPR) Updates to Uber’s Privacy Policy (Link) -- available soon

Note, the two top ones in the screen shot seem the same but are not. That's the Scam of the Week, we have one that auto-populates your own company logo and one that is the KnowBe4 logo.

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