Is Security Making The Grade? What IT And Business Pros Really Think

Security_report_card.jpgGreat joint survey by CSO, CIO and ComputerWorld by Amy Bennett which is excelllent ammo to add to a budget request that needs to be approved by a C-level exec. Here's why:

"If you sense some discontent in how information security is handled in your company, you're not alone. Half of the 287 U.S.-based IT and business pros who responded to a recent survey from CSO and its sister sites CIO and Computerworld gave their organizations' security practices a grade of C or below.

Contributing to the low scores is a familiar push and pull: Security is under increased scrutiny from the highest levels of the organization, while IT and security staffs and budgets are stretched to their limits.

A majority of survey respondents (65 percent) said that senior business management is focusing more attention on information security this year than in prior years, and 77 percent of respondents said that they expect management to be more focused on infosec in the next 1 to 3 years.

The reason for this increased attention? The C-Suite is on the hot seat for security. “In the past, a CEO could simply have faith in the efforts of security professionals in the company," Joel Gibbons, director of IT and compliance at National FFA, told CSO. "Now, the CEO needs to know more to be able to answer specific questions about how we are securing whatever needs securing inside the organization’s perimeter.”

That is a precarious situation to be in, because IT security at the moment is at best a proto-science, think 19th century chemistry:  a glorious and messy thing, chock-full of colorful personalities, unsolved mysteries, and snake oil salesmen

The whole survey with all the scores is here:


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