Introducing the New 'Security Masterminds' Podcast

KnowBe4 Security Masterminds PodcastWe're excited to announce that we have launched a new podcast called "Security Masterminds”! This podcast covers a range of topics in cybersecurity, with a particular focus on the human element. A new podcast will be released each month, with episodes lasting approximately 30 minutes. A variety of cybersecurity industry experts will be featured as guests.

Cybersecurity is an extremely broad topic, and even within each of its various disciplines, there are many nuances. While it is great to take a holistic view of the industry and the challenges it faces, there are many times one needs to take a deep breath and dive into the depths of a particular topic. For that reason, we give you "Security Masterminds".

In the most recent episode, we take a deep dive with Kai Roer, KnowBe4's Chief Research Officer, into the realm of security culture. What does it mean, and how can we measure, grow and strengthen security culture? Kai Roer established CLTRe in 2015 to answer these questions around security culture. This was at a time where most of the industry was not even aware of the term security culture. So who better to be our mastermind to guide us down this rabbit hole? Listen to a quick snippet of the episode here: 


“The launch of this podcast is a long-time dream of ours come true,” said Javvad Malik, lead Security Awareness Advocate, KnowBe4. “It is a very conversational podcast that is easy to follow along, keeping listeners interested with fascinating and timely cybersecurity topics. We hope that our subscribers will find this podcast both informational and entertaining.”

Join us on this journey where we take a deep and insightful look into various topics in cybersecurity, each led by a security mastermind!

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