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Javvad Malik

Lead Security Awareness Advocate

Javvad Malik is the Lead Security Awareness Advocate at KnowBe4 and is based in London. Malik is an IT security professional with over 20 years of experience as an IT security administrator, consultant, industry analyst and security advocate. He is also a multi-award winner and is currently a Guinness World Records holder for the most views of a cybersecurity lesson on YouTube in 24 hours.
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Breach or Bluff: Cyber Criminals' Slippery Tactics

When the news first broke about a potential data breach at Ticketmaster, the details were murky. The Department of Home Affairs confirmed a cyber incident affecting Ticketmaster ...
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Don't Let Criminals Steal Your Summer Fun

Summer has finally arrived in certain parts of the world, and with it come many exciting events — from the grandeur of the Olympics to the grass courts of Wimbledon, from the electrifying ...
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Phishing Failures: How Not to Phish Your Users

This blog was co-written by Javvad Malik and Erich Kron. Let’s dive into the cautionary world of phishing simulations gone wrong. You know, those attempts to train users not to fall for ...
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UK Councils Under Cyber Attack: The Urgent Need for a Culture of Cybersecurity and Resilience

The very fabric that stitches our society together — our councils and local governing bodies — is under a silent siege from cyber attacks. The recent ransomware assault on Leicester ...
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The Cyber Achilles' Heel: Why World Leaders and High-Profile Individuals Must Prioritise Cybersecurity

Social media has become an indispensable tool for communication, outreach, and engagement. From world leaders to high-profile individuals, these platforms offer an unparalleled ...
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The Unsettling Leap of AI in Video Creation: A Glimpse Into Sora

In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), the launch of Sora by OpenAI marks an unnerving milestone in video synthesis.
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Augmented Security: The Impact of AR on Cybersecurity

Recently, Apple launched its Apple Vision Pro to much fanfare and has pushed the discussion of Augmented Reality (AR) beyond the realms of gaming and entertainment. From healthcare ...
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Cupid’s Arrow of Cyber Scams

Valentine's Day. A time where love is in the air, florists work overtime, and restaurant tables are as scarce as a truthful politician. But as we're busy swiping right in hopes of finding ...
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AI in Cyberspace: A Double-Edged Sword

The UK's National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), recently shared its findings on how AI might reshape the cyber landscape. In two separate posts, the NCSC is warning that the global ...
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Deepfakes: The Threat to Reality and How To Defend Against It

Deepfakes have emerged as a serious concern in the digital landscape, presenting a significant threat to truth and trust.
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Protecting Patient Data: The Importance of Cybersecurity in Healthcare

As digital transformation continues to shape the healthcare industry, it is crucial for healthcare organizations to prioritize cybersecurity. These organizations are entrusted with ...
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How Long Does It Take To Recover From a Ransomware Attack?

When I was in my 30s, I woke up one morning with a terrible pain shooting down one side of my back and around the side. The pain was so terrible, I could barely move, and was only able to ...
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Italy Bans ChatGPT: A Portent of the Future, Balancing the Pros and Cons

In a groundbreaking move, Italy has imposed a ban on the widely popular AI tool ChatGPT. This decision comes in the wake of concerns over possible misinformation, biases and the ethical ...
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Latitude Forced To Stop Adding New Customers in Aftermath of Breach

Looks like Latitude Finance is trying to give consumers more "latitude" in their exposure to cyber risks. The Australian finance company admittedly fell victim to an attack that has ...
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Stay Ahead of the Game: Protect Yourself From Trojanized Chat Apps Targeting WhatsApp and Telegram Users

It seems that once again bad actors have found a new way to infect our devices with malware. This time, they are using a devious little trick to spread trojanized versions of popular chat ...
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The Dangers of Vishing Campaigns and How To Protect Yourself

In recent years, cybercrime has evolved to become more sophisticated than ever before. One of the up and coming methods used by criminals is vishing (voice phishing). This is where an ...
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Do Not Let Ransomware Steal the Show – Business Email Compromise Is the Biggest Threat You Must Prepare For!

When it comes to cybersecurity, ransomware is the rockstar of threats. But taking a peek behind the curtain, business email compromise (BEC) causes huge financial losses.
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The Curse of Cybersecurity Knowledge

The curse of knowledge is a cognitive bias that occurs when someone is trying to communicate information to another person, but falsely assumes that the other person has the same level of ...
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Do Not Fall Victim to Cyber Attacks – Find Out What the Latest Hiscox Report Reveals!

Insurance provider Hiscox has published its fifth annual cyber readiness report, which has some eye-opening statistics.
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Alert: Refund Scam Targeting Federal Agencies via RMM Software

At least two federal civilian agencies were the unfortunate victims of a refund scam campaign, perpetrated through the use of remote monitoring and management (RMM) software. CISA, the ...
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