Insurers Discuss What to Expect from a Ransomware Attack, and How to Defend Yourself Against One


Ransomware tops the list of attacks for insurers of the food and beverage industry. Outdated software and lax user concern for security controls provide attacker with a way in.

Cyber defense insurer Coalition recently presented to food and beverage industry manufacturers at the recent ProFood Tech conference on current state of cybersecurity. Ransomware was the primary topic, with Coalition citing phishing attacks and social engineering being the normal means of accessing the network.

According to Coalition, the downtime on the plant floor resulting from a ransomware attack, mixed with the recovery time necessary may be far more costly than simply paying the ransom.

The Coalition speaker noted that half of the companies involved in protracted recoveries from attacks go out of business

According to the presentation, the weakest link is the user. It’s no surprise – phishing and social engineering techniques are evolving, but users and their sense of security aren’t. Organizations need to educate users on the importance of corporate security as part of their role in the organization, the types of attacks that exist today, and how to safely utilize email and the web without falling prey to cyberattack.

Security Awareness Training provides all users – whether knowledge workers, plant operators, or anything in between – with continual training designed to promote a vigilant mindset that lowers the risk of successful cyberattacks such as ransomware. It’s far less expensive to prevent ransomware than it is to remediate an attack. Take heed from Coalition’s warning and address your weakest link – the user.

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