[INFOGRAPHIC] Don't Be The Victim Of A Cyberheist

We have created a new infographic for your users, as part of your ongoing security awareness training program. It's a few good reminders how to stay safe online, and to keep their awareness levels at the appropriate level... HIGH! 


Don't Be A Victim Of A Cyberheist - Download PDF

Here is a breakdown of the information contained in this infographic along with our sources:

Never Insert an Unknown USB Stick in Your Computer

Research shows that nearly half of users actually will plug in an unknown USB drive. This is a BIG security risk, the criminals know this and will use it to try and phish your employees. 

Always Lock Your Workstations

This one is self-explanatory. ANYONE can access your information if you don't take this basic security measure. If you have access to private information you could also lose your job, that should be reason enough.

91% of Successful Data Breaches Started With A Spear-Phishing Attack (techworld)

These are very targeted social engineering attacks designed to send a user a highly targeted phishing attempt in the hopes that it will be believable enough to be clicked on. Criminals are finding the old 'spray and pray' approach to sending out mass phishing emails is not as successful as a more targeted attack.

3.4 Billion Phishing Scam Emails Are Sent Every Day (Help Net Security)

This data comes from a Vailmail report that used proprietary data from an internal analysis of billions of email authentication requests and nearly 20 million publicly accessible records. Even more troubling is the fact that most industries remain vulnerable to attacks because they’re not implementing industry-standard authentication protocols.

Organizations Are Attacked Ransomware Every 14 Seconds (Cybersecurity Ventures)

... and that figure is expected to be 11 seconds by 2021. Ransomware is very easy for cybercriminals to send and offers a good ROI for not a lot of work, so these numbers will only go up as time goes on.

Never Use A Post-It Note For Storing Your Passwords

Really, this should be common sense but it happens all the time. A lot of users post their computer password right on their monitors. This is NOT SAFE! Use a password manager to store all your unique, strong passwords so you have fewer passwords you need to remember. 

Never Open Email Attachments You Didn't Ask For

Always think twice before you click! If you get an attachment you weren't expecting it's best to give the entire email a second and even a third look before opening. If you don't know the sender, if the message doesn't make sense, or if the file type is something you don't recognize you probably don't want to open that attachment.

6 Million Data Records Are Stolen Every Day (IT Pro Portal)

A majority of these breaches occur due to vulnerable, unpatched devices, servers, and applications that allow cybercriminals to gain access. Security breaches are a threat to enterprise organizations as well as small and midsized businesses (SMBs).

$26 Billion is the Estimated Annual Cost of Global CEO Fraud (aka Business Email Compromise) (FBI)
There has been a 100% increase in known global losses to CEO fraud between May 2018 and July 2019. Scams have been reported in all 50 states and 177 different countries. Victim complaints filed with the IC3 show fraudulent transfers have been sent to banks in at least 140 different countries.
Never Send Sensitive Information Over Wi-Fi Unless You're Absolutely Sure It's A Secure Network
It's very easy for hackers to impersonate what may look like legit Wi-Fi networks. To avoid sending those banking details directly to hackers, use a VPN or mobile hotspot instead.

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