[INFOGRAPHIC] Original Research: Cybersecurity Challenges Faced by European Infosec Leaders

Cybersecurity threats continue to put European organisations of all sizes at risk. Infosec leaders face multi-pronged challenges, from mitigating the threats themselves to managing the budget for vital  cybersecurity training.

To investigate this issue further, KnowBe4 commissioned a study of 101 cybersecurity leaders across Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Sweden to determine key challenges.

Learn some key statistics highlighted from the original data below:

[INFOGRAPHIC] Original Research: Challenges Faced by European Infosec Leaders

Click here to download the full infographic (PDF).

Phishing and Breaches Top Key Challenges

The majority of cybersecurity professionals reported cyber attacks had impacted their European locations.*

  • Phishing: 74%
  • Malware: 52%
  • Denial of Service: 46%
  • Social Engineering: 44%
  • Password Attacks: 43%

Two-thirds of cybersecurity professionals indicated that a lack of cybersecurity awareness and training for their employees is a top challenge today.*

  • Data breaches and privacy concerns: 69%
  • Lack of cybersecurity awareness training for employees: 67%
  • Vulnerabilities in third-party systems: 59%
  • Compliance and regulatory requirements related to cybersecurity: 58%
  • Balancing security and user experience: 50%

Security Awareness Training: How Much and What Organisations Want

Average amount European organisations spend on security awareness training annually: € 93,160 ($99,656, £78,075)

Phishing and overall security awareness were the top cybersecurity topics of greatest importance to train employees on.*

  • Phishing: 75%
  • Security Awareness: 55%
  • Security Culture: 39%
  • Social Engineering: 38%
  • Ransomware: 31%

*Percentages will equal more than 100% because respondents could choose up to three options

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