"How I lost my dog and almost my Google credentials..."

A well-trained Knowster posted: "I lost my dog this weekend and my mother in law was trying to be helpful and put my real phone number on a few social media posts she made. Now im getting these kinds of texts and it’s heartbreaking to think someone else may have fallen for this!

A quick Google search let me know exactly what this guy really wanted." :slightly_frowning_face:

First screenshot: bad actor sets the hook


Second screenshot: Sends the verification code


Third screenshot: This is how the scam works: 


I asked ChatGPT to write a story about this: "Write a 200-word story about how someone who lost their dog got approached by scammers who used social engineering tactics to steal her credentials. Use the words despicable, devious, devilish, and dishonest."

This is the result:

"It was a cold and rainy evening when Mary received the devastating news that her beloved dog, Max, had gone missing. Desperate to find him, she scoured the neighborhood, putting up flyers and offering a reward for his safe return.

One day, Mary received a call from a man claiming to have found Max. Overjoyed, Mary eagerly provided her personal information to the man, including her address and phone number. However, as soon as she hung up the phone, she began to feel uneasy. Something about the man's voice seemed off.

As it turned out, Mary had fallen victim to a group of scammers using social engineering tactics to steal her credentials. These despicable individuals had taken advantage of Mary's emotional state and desperation to get her to reveal sensitive information.

Determined to get justice, Mary contacted the authorities and discovered that she was not the only victim of these devious individuals. It turned out that the group had been targeting pet owners all over the city, using their devilish tactics to steal from unsuspecting people.

Despite their dishonest actions, Mary was eventually able to reclaim her stolen information and bring the perpetrators to justice. From then on, she was more cautious when it came to sharing personal information, knowing that there are always those who seek to take advantage of others for their own gain." 

GPT lost its way a bit, but not too shabby...


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