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Follow these tips to remain a hard target for cybercriminals during the holidays: 

  1. Only shop from websites and mobile apps that you know and trust.
  2. Don't use promotional links in emails
  3. Watch out for fake delivery notification emails/text messages
  4. Be cautious of holiday-themed mobile apps
  5. Monitor your bank and card activity diligently

Have a great Holiday Season!

Let's stay safe out there

Warm regards,
Stu Sjouwerman



Get Your Free 2021 Holiday Security Awareness Resource Kit

It's the busiest time of year for everyone, especially cybercriminals. They know surges in online shopping, holiday travel, and time constraints can make it easier to catch users off their guard with relevant schemes. That's why we put together this resource kit to help your users make smarter security decisions every day.

holiday-resource-kit-2021Here's what you'll get:

  • Free training video for your users on "Stay Safe for the Holidays", available in 10 languages.
  • Free training course for your users on "Staying Safe for the Holidays".
  • Resources to share with your users including tip sheets, digital signage, and a video with helpful tips.
  • Newsletters about holiday shopping and travel safety for your users.
  • Access to resources for you to help with security planning for the upcoming year.
  • Printable and digital assets that you can use to promote cybersecurity awareness in your organization throughout the holiday season.

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