Here is the Phish-prone percentage that a customer sent us today

"We’ve had great success with the KnowBe4 solution.  I think the key differentiator for KnowBe4 is the integration of the simulated phishing and analytics in conjunction with the Cybersecurity Awareness training.  Also the training content is well done, relevant, and compelling.

We are now working with KnowBe4 on an add on solution they call PhishER, which is essentially complements the Phish Alert Button used by our end-users to report suspicious e-mail messages.  PhishER will allow us to automate the categorization and investigation associated with malicious e-mail reporting (91% of which are either SPAM or false positives).

Here is a chart showing the tendency for our end-users to “click” on a suspicious message (our so-called “Phish Prone Percentage”).  Lower is better:


You can see the overall trend and the impact of the training over time.  The simulated phishing actually serves as a training tool as well and allows us to target specific users/behaviors.

We’ve just been very pleased with their services to date and I cannot say enough good things.

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