Here Is Some Great InfoSec Budget Ammo From UBS


A KnowBe4 employee forwarded this PDF to me. There is a very interesting point in here: your cybersecurity practices affect the valuation of your company. That should get the attention of your C-level execs.

The above graphic lays it all out. From 1975 to 2025, the value of tangible assets dropped from 83% down to 16%, and inversely, the intangibles went from 17% to 84%.

A short extract from the UBS report: "How your cyber approach can affect the valuation of your company. A company’s value derives from its tangible and intangible assets. Intangible assets include not only patents, trademarks and copyrights but also a company’s reputation and brand value.

A study by Ocean Tomo (2015) shows that intangible assets have emerged as the leading determinant of a company’s value. Investors meanwhile vote with their capital and may not support or apply full value to companies perceived as being more risky or having poor sustainability criteria. In our view, cybersecurity fits our sustainable investing framework given its key role in supporting the success of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Cybersecurity is critical for technology to deliver progress effectively in a world that increasingly relies on computer systems. The 2017 a ransomware attack that shut down work across 16 hospitals in the UK greatly exemplifies the importance of cyber.

For companies, major risks derive from complying with new and more stringent regulations that can result in increased scrutiny and compliance costs. Leading companies will be those that have the right policies and organizational structures in place, invest in data security processes and adequately train employees on data security and privacy-related risks and procedures.

Companies providing products and services that help enhance privacy features will be better positioned in an economy that no-longer supports business models that depend on violating individuals’ privacy without their consent."

Here is a link to the PDF you can cut & paste in your browser:

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