Here are few Game of Thrones phishing scams you should know about and how to avoid them


With the Game of Thrones (GoT) Season 8 finally airing, bad guys are using a variety of social engineering tactics to trick your end-users.

GoT is now being claimed to be one of the major source of malware infections for PCs across the globe.

A report by Kaspersky Labs recently revealed that hackers extensively used malware disguised as episodes of GoT to infect computers.

Checkpoint researched how many websites are using GoT phishing to scam users and steal their data, and found that there are now dedicated websites that use the official branding of the show and claim to run official competitions to win a special gift pack of GoT merchandise. There is, however, no such prize and the site instead collects as many email and mobile phone details as possible that could possibly be used in future phishing campaigns.

During its research Checkpoint also found bogus "official Game of Thrones merchandise" sites that collect credit card details of users and deliver...nothing. And then there are the fake torrent sites that promise the next episode and deliver malware instead.  Train your users to not fall for these scams.

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