[HEADS UP] Highly Sophisticated Job Offer Scam

Job ScamIf you've been approached by recruiters on LinkedIn for a potential job opportunity, you may want to pay attention to this recent scam.

In a LinkedIn post, a prospective UI/UX Designer attending a University believed she was being interviewed for a position at Splunk, a prestigious software company. She received an email interview invitation and spoke to a 'recruiter' and eventually the 'CIO'.

Then she got the request to link up her credit card so then she could be given 'company funds'.  It was in fact a scam and the bad actors were only using her credit card to buy Apple products and other equipment for themselves.

While the victim took immediate action by stopping the shipment, freezing her credit card, and report identity theft to the Federal Trade Commision (FTC), she was still a victim of social engineering. She stated that the threat actors used common language such as, "You're Welcome Splunker!" to sound like these were legitimate employees. She even included a screenshot with a conversation: 

Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 8.27.25 AM

Source: LinkedIn

This case the victim came out unscathed, but this can happen to anyone in your organization. It is a must to implement new-school security awareness training to ensure your users know how to spot and report social media scams. 

Don’t get hacked by social media phishing attacks!

Many of your users are active on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Cybercriminals use these platforms to scrape profile information of your users and organization to create targeted spear phishing campaigns in an attempt to hijack accounts, damage your organization's reputation, or gain access to your network.

KnowBe4’s Social Media Phishing Test is a complimentary IT security tool that helps you identify which users in your organization are vulnerable to these types of phishing attacks that could put your users and organization at risk.

SPT-monitorHere's how the Social Media Phishing Test works:

  • Immediately start your test with your choice of three social media phishing templates
  • Choose the corresponding landing page your users see after they click
  • Show users which red flags they missed or send them to a fake login page
  • Get a PDF emailed to you in 24 hours with your percentage of clicks and data entered

Go Phishing Now!

PS: Don't like to click on redirected buttons? Cut & Paste this link in your browser:


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