[Heads-up] Here Is Some New Powerful Ammo To Get InfoSec Budget Approval!


The team at Forbes Magazine's Tech Council asked me to write up the lessons we have learned over the last 8 years of helping you keep the bad guys out of your network. It took me a while, but the article was published a few days ago.

The editorial process was professional, and they asked me to provide links to pretty much every claim I made. Turned out to be a very interesting exercise, because it allowed me to summarize a lot of what I have said here in the last few years.

It was written for C-level executives, and has three business lessons that are powerful ammo to get infosec budget approval. This is a 3-minute read. I strongly recommend you read it yourself, forward the link to your C-level execs, and ask for your budget.

The Russia Problem: What Businesses Can Learn From Cyberwarfare

The story starts with: "As someone who has built IT security companies from the ground up and dealt with the growing issue of malware for well over 15 years now, the last thing I expected when I started my current company is that I would have to become somewhat of a Kremlinologist." Full story:


PS: Please forward this Forbes link to your friends? This may help them too.


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