[Heads Up] China Invests Billions in Huge Global Disinformation Campaign

iStock-1158025655Dustin Volz from the WSJ dropped a huge scoop today. This is rocket fuel infosec budget ammo I would send to my C-suite in a New York minute. They said: "Fake authors, bot armies and lawsuits are among the tactics Beijing employs to reshape the information landscape." Here are a few paragraphs of the article and then there's a link to the whole thing below:

"Beijing has invested billions of dollars to construct an information ecosystem in which PRC propaganda and disinformation gain traction and become dominant,” said the report released Thursday by the State Department’s Global Engagement Center.

"The Chinese government is pouring billions of dollars annually into a global campaign of disinformation, using investments abroad and an array of tactics to promote Beijing’s geopolitical aims and squelch criticism of its policies, according to a new State Department assessment.

"Beijing’s broad-ranging efforts, the assessment said, feature online bot and troll armies, legal actions against those critical of Chinese companies and investments and content-sharing agreements with media in Latin America and Africa. Other tactics include laundering English-language articles written by fake authors in influential local media and placing diplomatic pressure on foreign universities and newspapers that publish content deemed offensive. 

"China, which has a close partnership with Russia, has also used its information apparatus to reinforce the Kremlin’s narratives on the Ukraine war. China has amplified Russia’s false claims that Kyiv has been operating secret biological-warfare laboratories, and has echoed Moscow’s claims that the expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization instigated the war."

The WSJ has the story: https://www.wsj.com/world/china/china-is-investing-billions-in-global-disinformation-campaign-u-s-says-88740b85?

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