Has Anyone Used KnowBe4?

usedKnowBe4May 14, 2014 7:45 AM BruceyBonus asked the following question at the SpiceWorks Security Forum:

"Hi All, been in contact with a company called Knowbe4, they offer a simulated phishing attack to your users and discover how high your organization’s Phish-prone percentage is...any one heard of them or used them? any information would be greatly appreciated...Thanks"

Within 2 days there were almost 50 replies. If you want independent, actual users describing the benefits in their own words, you should read these unedited answers at the forum:


Combine that with a very positive review in InfoWorld, and you know where to go if you want to do something about users who never learn to avoid stupid security mistakes that compromise your organization.

InfoWorld's security guru Roger Grimes writes about KnowBe4's integrated training and phishing platform. Check out this article:

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