Happy National Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2020 From KnowBe4!

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month may be a little different for everyone this year, but new security challenges make it a more important holiday than ever. Whether you and your users are working remotely or doubling down in the office, it’s essential to be aware of new cybersecurity threats. Here at KnowBe4, we’re committed to help your users make smarter security decisions and build your cybersecurity fortress from anywhere!

Free Resource Kit 


We’re going all out with free resource kits and some surprises for you to pass along to your users all month long! In this year's kit, you’ll get a sample training plan PDF, infographics, awareness posters, a helpful cybersecurity awareness tip sheet and more. All assets are printable and available digitally, so they can be delivered to your users no matter where they are working from. Get your free kit today!

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Free Course: "Social Media: Staying Secure in a Connected World"

This free training module will help your users understand this threat and how to keep your organization safe.

Free Course “Social Media: Staying Secure in a Connected World”

By the end of this course, your users will learn:

  • How to identify this social engineering attack vector
  • Example scenarios showing how the bad guys do it
  • Actionable tips for how to protect themselves and their organization

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Weekly Cybersecurity Tips

  • Week 1: The bad guys are always shifting tactics, many phishing emails are still using COVID-19 and other current events in phishing email subjects. Be vigilant of these types of emails coming through your inbox!
  • Week 2: Regardless of your password policy, it's important to never re-use any password between different sites! 
  • Week 3: Even though you may be not working from the office, keep security best practices in mind. Cybercriminals know you're even more vulnerable outside of the office. Keep calm and think before you click!
  • Week 4: Beware of phishing on social media platforms. The bad guys are after money, contact data and intellectual property. Think before you click, post and share!

And we have much more we will be adding throughout the month! Check out your National Cybersecurity Awareness Month Resource Center for the latest resources to keep your users on their toes, no matter where they’re working from.

Happy National Cybersecurity Awareness Month from all of us at KnowBe4! Be sure to mention @KnowBe4 on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn with the #NCSAM or #BeCyberSafe hashtag to show us how you’re educating your users.

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