Hacker's Movie Guide: The Complete List of Hacker and Cybersecurity Movies

hackersmovieguideIs alert fatigue getting to you? I found a guide that allows you some well-deserved personal downtime, and still has something to do with work so that you can justify getting away with taking some PTO and veg out. But sometimes there are 1,000 channels and it still looks like there is nothing to watch. This might help...

“Hackers Movie Guide” is the most complete list of hacker and cybersecurity movies from 1956 to present. Most of the movies have a central theme around hacking. Others have a certain character or enough footage on the subject matter to be included. 

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, wrote in his Foreword: “My whole life has been wanting to be more like movie protagonists, who are younger, poorer or weaker, having to overcome Goliath, but having brains that think outside of the rules. I have always been for the young and powerless, the consumers vs. the producers. This is almost always the theme ascribed to hackers in movies. The young hackers use their brains for good and fairness. We all take their sides in these movies.”

"I believe there is a hacker inside each one of us. Watch a movie and release your inner hacker. It might even change your life" says Steve Morgan, co-author of "Hacker's Movie Guide." Check it out at Amazon:


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