Hackbusters - Where Can You Discuss All Things Social Engineering?


The KnowBe4 Hackbuster’s Forum is an online community dedicated to stopping the bad guys that use social engineering to hack your organization.

Our Hackbusters discussion forum is a moderated, spam-free forum primarily for KnowBe4 clients (but also inclusive of your peers interested in social engineering.) 

HackBusters contains thousands of messages from our KnowBe4 users and our staff. Forum members can post messages to the community or just read through existing threads and Q/A. 

Topics: Phishing, Ransomware, Social Engineering, Security Awareness Training Best Practices, Scripting Tools and Other Topics.

We even have some fun by following the latest social engineering dramas on TV and in film. Our favorite is Mr. Robot. Rumor has it that we could see Mr. Robot season 4 in November! You're invited to join the discussion:


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