Georgia Gov. Kemp Orders Cybersecurity Training For State Employees After Crippling Attacks


StateScoop reports: "Citing several recent ransomware attacks at the state and local levels, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp this week issued an executive order instructing state employees to undergo semiannual cybersecurity training and tweaking the state’s executive cybersecurity board.

"July brought ransomware attacks against both the state’s court system and the Department of Public Safety, while several local governments around Georgia — most notably Atlanta — have suffered attacks that were both severe and expensive.

“The State of Georgia must take immediate and comprehensive action to better defend against cyber intrusions, prioritize intergovernmental cybersecurity, and enhance the protection of critical data,” read the order from Kemp."

We agree that there is an urgent need for this. However, just twice a year is not going to cut it. To keep employees on their toes with security top of mind, organizations need to send frequent simulated social engineering tests, at least once a month.

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