It’s Official – Generative AI Has Made Phishing Emails Foolproof

It’s Official – Generative AI Has Made Phishing Emails FoolproofThe most basic use of tools like ChatGPT to script out professional-looking emails has all but eliminated improperly written content as an indicator of a potential phishing scam.

A recent article interviewing Brian Schnese, a senior risk consultant at insurance broker Hub International highlighted the transition from the misuse of generative AI as a means of crafting well-written phishing emails as a hypothetical to one that is now fully commonplace. “We’re already seeing it," Schnese commented.

“We’re in a world today where I can go to ChatGPT and type in, ‘please craft a request to my vendor asking them to change my wiring instructions,’ and it spits out a perfect request. [I can then go] back to ChatGPT and say, ‘please add a sense of urgency and stress the confidential nature of this transaction’ –and again, instantly, it’s perfect.”

This matched with the use of no-code automation to craft content means that cybercriminals can easily create spear phishing campaigns based on industry, victim role, and more, fine-tuning an attack without the need to do any manual work.

In other words, you can no longer assume the emails used for spear phishing attacks will have telltale signs – such as misspellings, poor grammar, etc. – that they are fake.

It also means that organizations are going to need to work to specifically elevate the vigilance of those users that interact with the company’s financials – something accomplished through continual security awareness training - so they are less likely to gloss over a phishing email and treat it as legitimate.

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