[FUN DEPT] So, How Do You Say Congrats In A *Really* Big Way?

I was scratching my head. How do you say Congrats to your team when they have done a truly AWESOME job in 2019, and totally knocked it out of the park in the last quarter?

We are known to do fun and crazy things in KnowBe4, but how do you top what you did last time?

So I asked my Chief of Staff Tiffany Mortimer if she had any ideas. Lo and behold, she came up with something really creative—she gets full credit for this one—and then she got the whole thing executed in just a few days when this normally takes a month.

So how does it look when you have a banner year (lame pun intended) and wrap a building with a huge... 100 x 150 ft banner?

2019CONGRATSOur Creative Team got the KnowBe4 drone out, and took some awesome shots of this fun project!   


And to steal one of our Chief Hacking Officer Kevin Mitnick's favorite expressions... Rock On !!

Warm regards, Stu




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