[ FTC ALERT ] Don't Get Scammed By Earthquake Phishing Emails

phising-scam.pngIt's the old story. A disaster strikes and 24 hours later you get emails with urgent request for help as hundreds of wounded victims need food, water and shelter. And the bad guys are at it again, now using the Equador and Japan earthquakes.

The emails look just like the real thing, using logos from known charities and perhaps even providing a link to the "official website".

However, the email and the site are scams, and if you give them money through your credit card, the scammers take the cash, and sell your credit card info to other cybercriminals.  

The FTC just put out an alert that reminds you that if you are looking for a way to give, do your homework! here is the link to their website which has a few great hits and tips.


Topics: Phishing

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