February Content Update: Including Season 2 of Netflix-Style Series 'The Inside Man'

Here are a few important updates to share with you from the month of February. 

We’re excited to announce the availability of Season 2 of the award-winning KnowBe4 Original Series — ‘The Inside Man’. This network-quality video training series delivers an entertaining learning experience that ties security awareness principles from each episode to key cybersecurity best practices.

From social engineering, insider threats and passwords, to third-party apps and AI, ‘The Inside Man’ teaches your users real-world application that makes learning how to make smarter security decisions fun and engaging.

The Story So Far...Six months after his transformation from undercover hacker to company defender, Mark our flawed hero from Season 1, struggles to keep his past a secret as he protects the company’s latest acquisition from a new nemesis, while at the same time navigating a budding romance.

With his personal and professional lives increasingly intertwined, becoming a White Hat might just have been the easy part…

Watch ‘The Inside Man’ Season 2 trailer and one episode to see
how entertaining security awareness training can be!

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In February, more popular KnowBe4 training content was updated for 2020 and include:

  • KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training: Recognizing the tricks and techniques hackers are using against you and your organization is critical to staying safe. In this interactive course, join Sparr0w the hacker as he shares his insider knowledge and takes you behind the scenes to show you how it's done. Along the way, you’ll become familiar with the signs of danger you should look for and the steps you can take to avoid becoming a victim of cybercrime. Additionally, you will practice your security awareness skills through a number of engaging scenarios. Course is 30 minutes in length.
  • Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training: This course mirrors the training course above, with Kevin Mitnick (Chief Hacking Officer at KnowBe4) joining the conversation with Sparr0w as they share their insider knowledge and take you behind the scenes to show you how the bad guys do what they do. 45 minute and 15 minute courses are available.
  • Your Role: Internet Security and You: In this training module, learn about today’s threat landscape and an employee’s role in keeping their organization secure against these threats. Current cybercrime strategies are introduced, followed by an exploration of 12 common types of digital and in-person threats used by today’s cybercriminals to trick employees into taking an action. Course is 13 minutes in length.


The KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training and Your Role: Internet Security and You training modules are available at the Gold, Platinum, and Diamond subscription levels. The Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training modules are available at all subscription levels.

The Security Awareness Company (SAC)

SAC-Feb20-NewsletterFebruary SAC Newsletter
Whether for business, pleasure, or both, traveling presents a unique set of security concerns that require a unique set of situational awareness skills. In this issue, we take a look at how a safe, successful trip means knowing how people spy on us, why remote workers are exposed to additional security risks, and what travelers must do when visiting high-risk areas.

All Security Awareness Company training content is available at the Diamond subscription level.

Twist & Shout
This month, two new seasons of Tuesdays with Bernie, a new compliance and ethics awareness training series from Twist & Shout were released. 
TuesdayBerniesS2In Tuesdays with Bernies Season 2, a reformed Bernie has taken to helping his friends and colleagues on the right side of the law, while also digging for stories that he might use in his next book.
Episodes include:
1 - You Scratch My Back (Non-Public Information)
2 - Like It Never Happened (HSE Reporting)
3 - Seeing The Light (Export)
4 - Eye Of The Storm (Business Continuity)
5 - No Second Chances (Legal Holds)
6 - The Hard Way (Code of Conduct)

TuesdaysBerniesS2-TraderEditionIn Season 2 of Tuesdays with Bernies, Trader Edition, newbie Simon continues to visit Bernie in prison, searching for the real reason why Bernie is behind bars. While Bernie is still unwilling to reveal the cause of his incarceration, Simon tries to teach Bernie a few hard truths.

Episodes include:
1 - Know Who You’re Playing With (Know Your Customer)
2 - Harmless (Antitrust)
3 - All Talk (Market Manipulation )
4 - Fridays with Bernie (Anti-Boycott)
5 - 50 Shades of Bernie (Sanctions)
6 - Just Ask (Always Check With Compliance First)
All Twist & Shout training content is available at the Diamond subscription level. 

Ready to see how you can build a mature security awareness training program using great content from the KnowBe4 library?

As of February 28, 2020 KnowBe4 has: 
  • 1100 Pieces of Education and Training Content
  • 262 Interactive Training Modules
  • 316 Video Modules
  • 291 Posters and Artwork
  • 208 Newsletters and Security Docs
  • 23 Games
  • Over 4,000 Phishing Templates

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