[Eye Opener] HTML Phishing Attacks Surge by 100% in 12 Months

malicious-html-detections-by-month-image-courtesy-barracudaThe Cyberwire reported: "Barracuda released a study this morning indicating that HTML attacks have doubled since last year.

The researchers note that not only is the total number of attacks increasing, but the number of unique attacks seems to be increasing as well.

“On March 23, almost nine in ten (405,438 — 85%) of the total 475,938 malicious HTML artifacts were unique; which means that almost every single attack was different.” HTML attacks are commonly seen in phishing campaigns when users download HTML attachments from emails.

Barracuda recommends that organizations adopt email protections to spot and block malicious HTML attachments, that they train their personnel to spot phishing emails, that they implement MFA and consider a zero trust security model, and that they prepare an incident response plan that includes ways of disrupting a campaign should it penetrate your organization.

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