Employee Error Behind Half of Industrial Network Incidents

employee-errorA new report by Kaspersky shows that employee mistakes are the leading cause of industrial cybersecurity incidents. Last year, 52% of such incidents were the result of human error.
Despite growing cyber threats, only 57% of industrial firms have a dedicated cybersecurity budget for operational technology (OT) / industrial control systems (ICS). 
When it comes to the impact of industrial cybersecurity incidents, firms are most concerned about reputational damage (87%), injury or death (84%) and environmental damage (63%).
“Taking a comprehensive, multi-layered approach — which combines technical protection with regular training of IT security specialists and industrial network operators — will ensure networks remain protected from threats and skills stay up-to-date.” 
To illustrate the urgency of getting security right in industrial environments, a report from April revealed that 90% of critical infrastructure (CNI) providers have had their IT/OT environments damaged by a cyber-attack over the past two years.

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