[Cybersecurity Awareness Month] How To Stop the Ransomwolf Attacks: Similarities to the Werewolves Terrors

Imagine a monstrous entity emerging from the shadows to prey on vulnerable organizations, leaving havoc in its wake. No, we are not talking about ghoulish and scary creatures of the night. We are discussing the modern menace of ransomware attacks—specifically, an infamous threat discovered by KnowBe4: The Ransomwolf. Ironically, there are similar patterns between halting this cyber menace and the mythical tactics against stopping werewolves.


Silver Bullets vs. Regular Backups

In our industry, we often mention that there is not a silver bullet to secure our organizations. We cannot use one silver bullet; rather, we need to use a machine gun of silver bullets. So, much like silver bullets are known to hurt a werewolf, regular backups are one of the silver bullets for ransomware. Organizations want to have backups that follow a 3-2-1 format. This action includes having three copies, two active online and one offline. This silver bullet method helps to restore your systems without negotiating or paying the ransom by keeping timely backups. Ensure backups are stored offline and routinely tested to ascertain their reliability.

Werewolf Transformation Triggers vs. Phishing Awareness Training

Werewolves transform under a full moon. Similarly, ransomware often finds its way into systems when an employee, unfortunately, falls victim to a social engineering attack and clicks a malicious link. One of the key ways to protect against these types of attacks is to ensure your users are educated to spot phishing emails and know how to report them. With training, assessments must be conducted to review your users' comprehension of spotting phishing emails. Combining frequent training and phishing assessments can create a knowledgeable front line against Ransomwolf.

Wolfsbane Potion vs. Regular Software Updates

In folklore, Wolfsbane can be used as a repellent or cure for werewolf transformation. Within organizations, Wolfsbane is like applying software updates and patches to the organization's endpoints and servers. By regularly reviewing, prioritizing, and updating software and systems, you strengthen your defenses and cure potential vulnerabilities that Ransomwolf might exploit.

Strength in Numbers vs. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

It is said that confronting a werewolf alone is a dangerous endeavor. The odds increase when you have a team or a community behind you with pitchforks and firesticks. MFA is your collective strength in cybersecurity, and non-phishable MFA and hardware tokens, like UbiKeys, are your weapons. Implementing various authentication layers to access systems and data will make penetrating your systems significantly challenging for the Ransomwolf.

In conclusion, while the mythical world of werewolves and the realities of cyber threats like ransomwolves seem worlds apart, the strategies to combat them are similar. By recognizing these parallels, we can reframe our approach to cybersecurity and employ tactics as timeless as the tales they are drawn from.

To our IT experts and cyber professionals, stay vigilant and work to tame this digital beast! The world of cyber threats might be ever-evolving, but we can keep the monsters at bay when we are armed with knowledge, preparation, and a touch of folklore-inspired wisdom. Let's return Ransomwolf and ransomware to the shadows where they came from!

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