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Top 5 Phishing Do's & Don'ts

Here's the Top 5 Do’s and Don'ts for your phishing simulation exercises. 
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Technology, Microlearning, and its Impact on Users and Cybersecurity

Technology is everywhere in society these days from our communication, shopping, and commerce capabilities. Whether email, online purchases, or using the blockchain, it amounts to large ...
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Storytelling to Improve Your Organization's Security Culture [PODCAST]

The latest podcast episode of Security Masterminds features our special guest Jim Shields, Creative Director at KnowBe4. He sat down with our hosts, Erich Kron and Jelle Wieringa to ...
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The Recent Log4J Vulnerability Equation: Remote Code Execution (RCE) + National Vulnerability Database (NVD) = 10.0

RCE. These three letters add increased levels of stress to cybersecurity professionals regarding vulnerabilities against their hardware or software within their risk management program.
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According to KnowBe4 Research's Q1 2022 Report: Shadow IT Is Real

Imagine needing to share a large PDF non-confidential document with a customer. It is too large to send via email, and recently you started using a cloud file sharing service to store ...
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May the 4th Be With You and Your Users!

May the force be with you, May the fourth be with you, may the phish not attack you. Okay, so it does not quite rhyme, but you get the idea. We reach the fourth day of the fifth month of ...
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3 Ways To Protect Your Identity Online

Within security awareness training programs, cybersecurity experts promote various tactics and best practices to implement within personal and work environments to protect your identities ...
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Three Tips to Stay Safe on the Road and the Information Superhighway

You surf the world wide web, you scroll through social media feeds, read articles, shop online, and respond to email through the incredible invention of the internet. We're all driving on ...
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Data Privacy and Fingerprints

Most people know, primarily criminals, that you don't want to leave the oils from your fingers at a crime scene because it creates a fingerprint. Everyone has them (unless they don't have ...
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3 Lessons COVID-19 Can Teach Us About Cybersecurity

It’s day 4,823 that I’ve been home for the stay at home order in the county where I live. Okay, so it feels like years, but it’s actually only been a few weeks. Like many of you, I can’t ...
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The Good, the Better, and the Best in Information Security

Every day, there is news about the latest data breaches, phishing attacks, the number of records that were exposed, how organizations are not doing enough to protect themselves. All of ...
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