[FREE RESOURCES] Celebrate Cybersecurity Awareness Month This October with our Cyber-Monsters!

cybersecurity awareness month 2023Cyber threats can be scary, and for good reason.

Malware can be lurking in a suspicious email your users get convinced to click. All it takes is one crack in the door of your network to let all the wrong ones in; spear phishing witches, ravenous ransomwolves, you name it!

But never fear! While torches, pitchforks and silver bullets never put down a data breach, a resilient security culture in your organization is your best bet for keeping the beasts at bay. 

That’s why for Cybersecurity Awareness Month this year, we’ve put together a set of resources you can use throughout the entire month of October to help your users keep up their cybersecurity defenses. 

Beware the Cyber-Monsters!

This year we’ve included a set of five cyber-monster cards and associated posters. Each spooky creature personifies a key cyber threat that can be tied into each week’s theme. 

Read more about each of them below!

Count Hackula

Count Hackula Social Engineering Meme

Whether by brute force or the charm of social engineering, Count Hackula is desperate to drain your networks of vital personal identifiable information (PII). Ensure your systems are safe from this monster with secure passwords and employees who know enough to see past Count Hackula’s mesmerizing gaze.

Spoofy Steve 

Spoofy Steve Business Email Compromise Meme

Wrapped in ancient layers of digital cloth, Spoofy Steve hides his scammy intentions from all but the most insightful of employees. Use well-honed social engineering-spotting skills to avoid his tricks as he pretends to be a coworker or supervisor asking for sensitive information.

Breachatrix le Phish

Beatrix Le Phish Spear Phishing Meme

This sister of the night has her evil eye set on the most valuable of targets; C-suite and finance managers beware! Breachatrix le Phish will swoop in to cast her spear phishing spells to steal secrets and treasure but can be warded off with a resilient security culture in your organization.


Ransomwolf Ransomware Meme

Lurking in that innocent-looking file attachment you just downloaded, Ransomwolf is ready to gobble up all your important files, bounding from folder to folder through the forest of your network. Unlike other werewolves, Ransomwolf is invulnerable to “silver bullets.” Organizations need both regular backups and a well-trained employee base to keep this monster at bay. Don’t wait until this monster turns into something worse! 


Frankenphisher Phishing Meme

Frankenphisher is stitched together from all the most dangerous pieces of phishing emails; compromised links, malicious attachments, you name it! Before he gets a chance to bust down the door of your network, make sure your people know what makes a phishy email phishy. 

Cyber-Monsters and You: A Perfect Match for Cybersecurity Awareness Month

The cards are meant to bring a little fun to the month of October, which just so happens to end on Halloween. Though senses of humor can vary, our customers and colleagues typically find a light-hearted approach to some cybersecurity training topics pays dividends. 

How should they be used you might be wondering? We’re glad you asked! Let your imagination run wild, but here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Monster Hunting: Organize a scavenger hunt around your office (or internal shared drive or intranet) to find the hidden cyber-monster cards. The employee who finds them all first wins!
  • Dressed to Kill: Plan a Halloween costume contest and encourage employees to dress up as one of the cyber-monsters. Fan favorite voting is encouraged!
  • Guess that Monster: Use Google Forms or other online survey tools to build an educational quiz based on the cyber-monster traits. Offer incentives, like small prizes or recognition, for those who score well to encourage participation.

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Cyber threats can be scary, and for good reason. Malware can be lurking in a suspicious email your users get convinced to click. All it takes is one crack in the door of your network to let all the wrong ones in; spear phishing witches, ravenous ransomwolves, you name it! We've put together these resources so you can keep your users on their toes with security top of mind. Request your kit now to help your users keep up their cybersecurity defenses. Request your free resource kit now!

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