Credit Union Times: Ransomware, WordPress Threats Grow

RansomwareAt 27%, banks and credit unions are the largest segment of KnowBe4's customers, obviously because they are the bad guys' #1 target. Thing is, banks and credit unions found us, we did not set out to service this market, and new customers came in mainly by word of mouth. I thought this article would be useful for you.

Credit Union Times reported: "Dangerous new vulnerabilities including ransomware and a new WordPress flaw continue to catch many IT departments by surprise. According to recent reports, CryptoLocker variations encrypt local and mapped drives, and one strain focuses on video gaming files.

"On a ransomware-infected PC, a message displays stating that decryption requires payment. Ransomware infects PCs via emails purporting to be from authentic computer security companies or falsified websites.

"In October 2014, the malware spread via fake video advertisements on YouTube and infected about 113,000 PCs with ransomware in the U.S. in one month.

"Stu Sjouwerman, CEO of the Clearwater, Fla.-based IT security awareness training firm KnowBe4, said, 'Users can become complacent or be tricked by social engineering by clicking on a malicious link buried in a spear phishing email or being redirected to a bad site and clicking on something they shouldn’t.'

"Sjouwerman added that IT departments believe their anti-virus systems have them covered but the average window of exposure is 17.5 hours before a signature that blocks the phishing attack becomes available. 

“'And surprisingly often, backups turn out not to work or it takes days to restore a system,' he said. “Today, an essential, additional security layer is to train your users to become part of your human firewall." Full article:

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