Celebrate The Holidays! Here is a brand new free KnowBe4 training module!

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Celebrate The Holidays! 

With a free interactive training course for the 2018 Holiday season to help you stay safe while you travel

A little over three-quarters (77 percent) of workers say they connect to free or public WiFi while traveling. Some 63 percent will use public WiFi to access work emails and files.

Those are just a couple major findings from a chilling (if predictable) new digital security survey conducted by threat management company ObserveIT. The survey included more than 1,000 U.S. employees ages 18 - 65+ who have traveled with corporate devices in the past year. Well, we have a nice little present for you. 

“Safe Travels For Road Warriors" is a 12-minute animated course with lots of interactivity for those that travel for business—and some very helpful tips for personal travel too. We believe this is a very good new module, we have been working on internally for a long time, with input from experts like Kevin MitnickYou will step through what to do:

  • Before Leaving the Office
  • While Packing
  • In the Taxi
  • At the Airport
  • In Flight
  • At meetings and Conferences
  • At the Hotel


This module is 12 minutes in length. Free Access during  November and December 2018.
Click here to launch the module

The purpose of this course is to make learners aware of the latest threats to security for the modern traveling business person. This course will also provide strategies and practice advice for traveling safely.

The module objectives are:

  • Be aware of the latest potential security pitfalls when traveling for business (and some tips you should consider personally)
  • Know how to properly prepare for a business trip and avoid exposure of business, client, or even personal information.
  • Strategies and practical steps that can be taken to mitigate security concerns that can arise while traveling.

Printable resources—and we suggest you grab the PDF from the module, print and laminate it and give it to all your frequent travelers. It's the whole module summarized on just one page, incredibly handy. Here is the PDF as a free job aid you can give to your employees. 

We strongly recommend to step Board members, C-levels, and any business traveler through these 12 minutes. I guarantee that even the most savvy road warriors will learn a few new tricks!



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