New Evasive Phishing Technique “Legacy URL Reputation Evasion" (LURE)

MaliciousBrowserNotifications-Library2Researchers at Menlo Security observed a 198% increase in browser-based phishing attacks over the past six months.

“Attackers have developed tools to craft high quality large scale attacks that target the browser,” the researchers write. “Cybercrime tools, such as phish kits (PhaaS) and ransomware-as-a-service kits (RaaS), have simplified the process of launching sophisticated attacks. These kits provide attackers with pre-made templates, scripts, and resources lowering the bar to craft and deploy their malicious campaigns. Tools like this also make it easier for rudimentary attackers to create convincing and fraudulent websites or emails for the purpose of stealing sensitive information from its intended victims.”

The report highlights a type of phishing attack that uses trusted URLs to bypass security filters.

“Legacy URL Reputation Evasion (LURE) is a growing evasive phishing technique that specifically targets browsers to bypass web categorization of commonly deployed security tools like secure web gateways and URL reputation filters,” the researchers write.

“Threat actors capitalize on this technique by hijacking trusted sites, or by creating a new site and leaving it dormant until its URL/domain is trusted. They then use these URLs and destination sites to launch phishing attacks. This has been a consistent trend during 2023. During such an attack, the user opens the web URL believing it to be authentic. Because the URL is in a safe category, it is neither blocked by the SWG, nor URL filters. The user is subsequently compromised, either with malware or because they are induced to enter their credentials.”

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Menlo Security has the story.

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