Brand Impersonation Hits a New High with as Many as 73 Lookalike Domains Per Brand

Brand Impersonation Hits New HighThe use of lookalike domains has reached critical mass with not just one counterfeit website, but many.

The second act of a phishing attack intent on tricking the victim into providing valuable information is the website they are taken to. It has to look and feel like the real thing. But it also needs to have a domain that doesn’t raise suspicion. Thus, the advent of lookalike domains.

According to Fortra’s 2023 Domain Impersonation Report, the average brand was targeted by 39.4 look-alike domains per month in the first half of 2023. In June, that average number spiked to 73.75 domains per brand – the highest seen by Fortra.

In over half of the attacks, the domains hosted branded content to look just like the domains they impersonate. Imagine having an average of 40 sites looking just like your company’s site, tricking customers into logging in.

The telltale sign is the domain name itself. Teaching users (through new-school security awareness training) to always make sure the domain they are visiting is the official website for the brand presented is the easiest way to ensure users don’t become victims.

Discover dangerous look-alike domains that could be used against you! 

Since look-alike domains are a dangerous vector for phishing attacks, it's top priority that you monitor for potentially harmful domains that can spoof your domain.

Our Domain Doppelgänger tool makes it easy for you to identify your potential "evil domain twins" and combines the search, discovery, reporting, risk indicators, and end-user assessment with training so you can take action now.

DomainDoppelgangerResults-1Here's how it's done:

  • Get detailed results of look-alike domains found similar to your primary email domain
  • You can now quiz your users with your look-alike results
  • Get a summary PDF that contains an overview of the look-alike domains and associated risk levels discovered during the analysis
  • It only takes a few minutes to discover your “evil domain twins”!

Find Your Look-Alike Domains!

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