SCAM of the Week: Free Pizza Delivers Malware

There is a current, active cybercrime campaign going, using the tempting lure of free pizza, researchers at Cloudmark warned. They spotted new spam emails claiming to be a campaign from "Pizza Hut", which social engineer recipients to "click and claim" their delicious reward.

"Of course, if you click on the link, you do not get a coupon for free pizza – you get a zip file containing a Windows executable which will make you part of a malicious botnet called Asprox or Kuluoz," they said.

So we have added a new template in the Social Media section. We recommend sending this out ASAP, to inoculate your users just one more time and keep them on their toes. Finally something you can do that is proactive! Here is how it looks. If you are not a KnowBe4 customer, warn your users through an email to all employees and include this picture in the email.

Pizza Hut Malware Scam

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