Five Travel Scams Of The Week

Scam Of The WeekIt's summer and a lot of people are on the road, but some of your employees are always traveling for business, and often these are management-level people with access to lots of confidential data.

These days, you can’t travel on either business or vacation and let your electronic guard down. Here are a few popular scams they need to watch out for. Send this to all employees that might benefit and and protect your network at the same time:

1) Fake Free Wi-Fi Network that you find when you look for access to your business account. It has the hotel's name, but the scammers are listening in on the (company confidential) traffic. Verify with the hotel before logon on "free Hotel Wi-Fi".

2) Fake Software Update where a traveler attempting to set up a hotel internet connection sees an "Update-popup" for a popular software product. Click on it and malware installs. Always update laptops before you leave and never update while you travel.

3) Pizza Delivery Scam where you find a flyer slipped under your hotel door. When you call to order, they take your card data but never deliver because the flyer was a scam. Get food recommendations from the concierge!

4) An ATM Security Team is warning about new ATM skimmers that are almost impossible to detect with the naked eye. Thanks to a slimmed-down profile, the devices sit within the throat of an ATM card slot, capturing data when a traveler slides their card inside. A spy camera then tapes the customer as they enter their PIN number on the keypad. Especially

5) Late Night Hotel Front Desk Call where you get a call alerting you there is a problem with your credit card and please verify the number. Except it's a scammer who now has your number or perhaps just skimmed your card at the ATM and needs some more info to make a fake duplicate card so they can grab the maximum cash. Especially when you travel, never give out credit card information if you did not initiate the call!

It is time for effective Security Awareness Training for all employees.

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