[InfoGraphic] Ransomware Threats Concern Survey

We surveyed over 300 system administrators regarding ransomware, here are the results:
Ransomware Threat Concerns Survey

88% expect ransomware to increase the rest of the year

Only 16% feel their current solutions are very effective, while 72% feel they are somewhat effective

88% consider Security Awareness Training the most effective protection from ransomware over 81% for backup

47% feel email attachments pose the largest threat

Email and spam filtering effectiveness dropped from 88% to 64%

Confidence in endpoint security dropped from 96% in January to 59%

Thise numbers don't look good!


An effective way to defend agains ransomware attacks is through providing end-users with security awareness training.

UPDATE: If you think these numbers are bad, just take a look at the results of our 2016 Ransomware Threat Concerns survey.

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