Microsoft to XP You Are Dead To Us

XP IS Dead To UsMicrosoft to XP: "You Are Dead To Us". This week, Redmond reminded all of us still running XP that we would not receive security updates on Patch Tuesday or any future patches of any kind. 

Microsoft spokesman Brandon LeBlanc said on a company blog: "If you are still on Windows XP you will not receive any security or non-security updates through Windows Update or Microsoft Update. Because support has ended for Windows XP, we are no longer releasing updates to the general public for Windows XP going forward." 

LeBlanc reiterated Redmond's message to ditch XP and upgrade to a current version like Windows 8.1. "We continue to encourage customers still on Windows XP to upgrade to a modern, more secure operating system like Windows 8.1," he said. 

Well, sure, that would be nice if you -can-. There are a multitude of reasons that an upgrade is not doable just yet: budget, ill-behaved mission critical apps that only run on XP, hardware not up to snuff for an upgrade to Win 8.1, compatibility issues and many more

In the mean time, XP users have literally been hung out to dry with vulnerabilities no longer being patched. Not good. If you are sticking with XP, here are 10 things you need to do:





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