Scam Of The Week: Starbucks Gift From a Friend Phishing Emails

Starbucks Phishing Emails Love your tall latte? Better watch it, as a "friend" might send you an email with a fake Starbucks Coffee Gift offer. 

These emails read something like this in broken english. "Your friend just made an order at Starbucks Coffee Company a few hours ago. He pointed he is planning to make a special gift for you and he have a special occasion for that. We’ve arranged an awesome menu for that case that can really surprise you with our new flavors."

They then continue with describing the whole menu, and when you can come over and celebrate the day with your friend. The only thing you need to do is (of course) open the attachment.

Granted, Starbucks does have options for people to give gifts to friends, but this phishing attack has nothing to do with that. There are several red flags, the language is broken, the emails come from hacked accounts at Yahoo and Gmail, and they are sent with "high importance."  

In the malicious attachments sits a variant of the banking Trojan ZeuS, directly attached without any attempt to hide, and will install itself as a hard-to-remove rootkit. They probably hope you get so excited about the free offer that you will ignore all the warnings your email might give you.  Don't fall for it. Think Before You Click !

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