Pirated PC's And Software Loaded With Malware

new pcs with pirated software infected with malwareHere is another reason why buying legitimate operating systems and application software is a good idea. new study conducted by IDC and commissioned by Microsoft reveals some troubling statistics that illustrate the depths of the global malware and pirated software problem. The study, sponsored by Microsoft and published this month, found that nearly 46 percent of computers purchased from common distribution sources – such as computer specialty shops, resellers, and local markets – came with dangerous malware, including viruses, worms, Trojan horses, rootkits, and unwanted Adware. 

How come? These non-brand PCs had a pirated version of Windows on it, so that the vendor could make higher margins on the sale. But the machine is infected with malware from the get-go and Microsoft's defenses are turned off.  Conclusion? Only buy PCs from major, international brands and not from a guy at your local stripmall. (Tip 'o the Hat to PC Pitstop.)



Topics: Malware, Cybercrime

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