KnowBe4 Announces HackBusters, A Curated IT Security News Site

Feb 14, 2014 - You miss important security news because you aren’t subscribed to the right sources, or your relevant security news is snowed under simply because of the incredible volume. So KnowBe4 brings you relevant, trending and most popular IT security content with HackBusters, a website released today that delivers human and algorithm-curated articles specifically for IT Security professionals.

HackBusters is the first website out of KnowBe4 Labs, an initiative to let small teams within KnowBe4 build tools for IT security pros as if they were startups. KnowBe4 Labs will carry out the strategy KnowBe4 CEO Stu Sjouwerman discussed in his Cyberheist newsletter of providing maximum help for IT security pros. The current version of HackBusters is only the first step in becoming a vertical social network for IT security pros.

When you go to, you immediately see the “trending” section, but “most popular” and “recent” are immediately to the right. This Sneak Peek is only the first thing of many exciting features to follow. 

Each news section combines both stories chosen by KnowBe4’s human editors and stories that floated to the top through the proprietary HackBusters site algorithm. The goal isn’t to just pump articles by only large news sites, but also posts by expert yet undiscovered bloggers and commentary by industry pundits.

The Relevant IT Security News

Normally on Facebook or other social media sites, you only see posts from friends or Pages you’ve subscribed to. With a traditional newspaper, there are articles the editors think are interesting and you might like them. You trust the editors’ judgment, and hope they provide you with what you need. However, there is a third, better way.

HackBusters provides IT Security Pros relevant, important, actionable information specific to their job. It can show content you might have missed by public content bubbling up with lots of Likes, or content a HackBusters editor thinks is brilliant. Sure, friends act as curators of the web at large, but not everyone’s friends share content in the areas they’re interested. You might be the only one of your friends that digs IT Security stuff, and HackBusters delivers it to you without you having to track down dozens of specific webpages.

Some sites have content curated by other users, while other sites rely on artificial intelligence to provide the most relevant articles. Hackbusters provides a combination of both and was spearheaded by KnowBe4’s CTO Alin Irimie and CEO Stu Sjouwerman. 

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