Scam Of The Week: "U.S. Starts Bombing Syria"

This one is crafty. There is a fake CNN spam being sent with a subject that reads: "The United States began bombing!" in Syria, but clicking on it will likely result in the workstation being infected with malware.

The spam message is allegedly from the real CNN journalist Casey Wian, and some of the emails even have a photoshopped picture with black smoke over a street scene.

The email has a two-sentence lead, and then there is a link for a "Full Story" that triggers a Trojan downloader and other malware, Kaspersky Lab told CNBC. The bad guys are trying to exploit older versions of Adobe Reader and Java.

Warn your users to not fall for a classic social engineering trick like this. If the U.S. actually does start a police action in Syria, there will be many more of these phishing attacks. Here is how it looks:

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